Tuesday, January 1, 2013

She has Inner Resources

Ohhhhh Eloise!  You stole my heart back in 196*^%$*% when I received my first book Eloise At Christmastime from my big sister...(who by the way has ALWAYS been smaller than me!)  I remember where we were living, a fancy shmancy 2 story apartment in Meyerland and my sister, Nesta (as I have always called her) was working at Joske's department store wrapping gifts!  Of course I could have my facts wrong...but this is how I prefer to remember it!  (said in my most innocent Eloise voice!)

Over the years Eloise has continued to be my all time favorite book and in my opinion, one of the best descriptions of how I envision myself as a child...even today.  Her reckless abandon screams out from inside my much older self...screaming to be let loose and enjoyed on a daily basis!  Funny how we see ourselves... and yet how we actually allow ourselves to be seen by others!  Sure I have my Eloise moments where everyone looks at me and wonders what in the world is she thinking... but for the most part, I'm pretty reserve...but for those who have known me...anything can be blurted out at any time...even surprising...ME!

So why am I talking about Eloise today???   Well it all started with a dream.  One I experienced last night.  I won't go into all the details here but just a small part that still brings a grin upon my face.
     I was in a room full of familiar faces... I was a young girl...and I was talking with a young friend who was a boy.  I asked him if I had ever shown him how I could fly.  He looked surprised and replied with a chuckle and an unbelieving, "No!"  I knew he had not ever seen me as I knew I had never revealed this...ability...to anyone but myself.  I looked around and everyone in the room was talking with each other...much like in a social setting but it looked like a classroom... a large room with white walls and dark wood floors and the same dark wood around the windows and large wood doors.  The sun was shining outside, lighting up the room through the tall multi-paned windows.
     I then looked back at my friend and began to concentrate on lifting off the ground, which I started to do immediately.  My friend had this shocked look on his face as he watched me rise off the ground higher and higher.  Much to my delight others began to take notice as well.  I wanted to squeal  but knew I needed to keep my attention on what I was doing or I would begin to lower in elevation.
    By this time most everyone was watching in silence and amazement as I continued to rise higher and higher....almost reaching the ceiling which was vaulted with wood beams. When I was about 5 feet from the ceiling I stopped and maintained that height for a few seconds... I could tell that it would take a concentrated effort to reach all the way to the top...so I took my mind off of all those gawking eyes and open mouths long enough to make my way all the way to the top.
     After reaching the ceiling, I proceeded to do a back flip much like a swan dive but in a perfect circle... I had the biggest smile on my face as I did it so effortlessly.  Then as easily as I rose up.... I let myself back down, steadily landing on my feet.
     There was a lot of hoopla going on about what I had just done...but it wasn't anything to me.  It was as easy as walking to me...but I knew once it was revealed to others...it was something special... innate within me...but I also knew...it wasn't only me that had this ability...but all of us.  ~end~

The child within has no fear to do what is natural or unnatural...

When I decided to share this magical dream with you, I went in search of a picture or drawing that would best depict the scene. I couldn't find what I was seeing in my minds eye, so I attempted to draw it out.  While I was drawing I recalled Eloise... and the many wonderful action pictures that I so loved of her adventures.  That's when I found this lovely drawing of her... from one of her books. It portrays exactly how I was feeling as I began my accent to the ceiling... and what a wonderful caption to go with the action... "She has Inner Resources"   Yes...I agree.  WE DO...

Now, why, you may ask, am I sharing this silliness with you today?  I believe it's a message...a message for each one of us willing to listen and apply to our own lives.  We Can Fly!  YES!  We Really Can!  There was no doubt...no fear... that rose up within me in this dream.  It was matter of fact.  It was precise and clear as to what I wanted to accomplish and didn't stop for a moment, after looking around the room at all the people who may take notice, to question whether I could or couldn't do this thing, or what would others think, or how was I going to keep my concentration while others were watching... I just did it.  Hey... maybe NIKE was on to something... Just Do It!  Sounds simple...and truly... it is!

The Moment Of Truth Has Arrived

Only WE make it difficult, scary, impossible.  What lies dormant within YOU?  What are you wiling to do about it?  We are not guaranteed a tomorrow... But we DO have THIS MOMENT to rise up and do a backwards swan dive!!!  So glad I did... and so will YOU!   I Promise! 


  1. Love the post and your dream Selah! You are spreading your wings! I'm going to strap on my purple glittered fairy wings and fly with you because I'm ready for that backwards swan dive as well! That ledge might look scary, but I'm picturing cotton candy pink fluffy clouds to descend into! I'll look over and smile when I see you there with me in flight! So happy to see you soaring both in and out of your dreams! Love you girl! xo <3

    1. Thank you sweet girl! Yes... that backwards swan dive is happening... and Yes... the landing is always soft if you believe those pink fluffy clouds await you! I'm all in with ya Sista! Love you too! <3

  2. Oh, what a beautiful and uplifting post, Selah. I believe you are correct and there is something mystical in these flying dreams...a message indeed. I have had very similar dreams, so I recognize that feeling of a secret ability to fly, the freedom, the joy of it. I'm so glad you shared this! It has been a long time since I've had a flying dream and you've reminded me so vividly. We all need to trust our whispers and have no fear of shining our light as bright as we can. Much love to you, Selah! ♥

  3. Thank you Shelly... I do believe dreams are significant to us... they help us to see we are as creative as all gitout! lol We all have inner resources... trusting them to be exposed, seen, or utilized is the next step to freedom! You have taken that step this past year girl! I have loved watching you spread your wings and fly! <3