Thursday, January 16, 2014

Separate Paths Always Together

There are letters...masses of letters...letters made up of...letters...written on the walls of my heart. Occasionally they slip out onto paper or onto a magic screen of typewritten letters.  This is one of them:

"I wish you the best and honor your journey, dear heart!  I'm so happy we are traveling and exploring our passions together!  I see us skipping down dirt paths with lil sprigs of grasses tickling our ankles and a thin median of thicket between us... we're giggling... and we can see each other through the brush and occasionally there is an opening where we can stop and touch and tickle...or pick up a doodlebug... or stop by a stream to explore or rest by... then off we go along our paths each one seeing something different and yet the same... as our eyes meet between the branches... we both know we're not alone... we're never alone... ever!"  

Separate paths, always together...

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